Kindle Template

Kindle Template

The Kindle template was designed to address the problem of transferring text documents written with Writer to the Kindle.  When I first encountered this issue, the only way to to transfer the OpenOffice document was to convert it to HTML.  This method was not easy to follow, and some formatting may be lost in the process.  Furthermore, the kindle does not support Hebrew in HTML documents.  My idea was to make a template that would allow the documents to be exported to PDF in order to be read on the Kindle.

My template can be downloaded from:

After you download the template there are 3 simple steps you should follow:
  1. Write a text document using the template.
  2. Export the document to PDF.  You should save the file on the Kindle.
  3. Enjoy your reading!
For those of you who write in a RTL language (like Hebrew) I've made a different version of the template:

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